Canon Rebel T5i vs. Canon Rebel T5

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Canon EOS Rebel cameras were first presented to the public in the year 2003. They have been the entry point of Canon to DSLR photography for a lot of camera and photography fanatics. Canon has continued to make progress and upgrades to this renowned line of camera, making superior and better quality DSLRs, which can be accessed by almost everyone. The Canon EOS T5 and T5i are tough and solid DSLR cameras that make good application of Canon’s decades of experience in developing solid and high-quality entry-level cameras.

State of the art Canon EOS T5i was presented to the market in 2013 of March as an improvement to the renowned T4i. The Canon EOS Rebel T5 was presented nearly a year later for a fraction of cost. While T5 and T5i are extremely identical in different ways, there are some key differences between the two.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a camera for beginners, but the T5i comes with some developments which might make it a more enticing choice for many seasoned and skilled photographers. What makes the T5i apart from T5 are faster burst rate, upgraded autofocus system as well as the flip screen. You may also like comparison between sony a6000 vs a6300. It doesn’t matter if these features are sufficient enough to encourage you to consider the T5i depends on what type of photographer you are as well as where your aspirations in shooting lie.

Both the T5 and the T5i cameras are made mostly for amateur shooters and beginners as both are entry-level DSLRs; so, we’re looking forward cameras that aren’t so complex and easy to utilize as well.

Now, if you’re searching for a complete breakdown of how T5 and T5i cameras compare, ensure to read this guide till the end. This will give you an insight into these two popular cameras. So, keep on reading!

Head to Head Comparison of Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs T5i

Canon EOS Rebel T5Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Camera weight1.06 pounds (480 grams)1.28 pounds (580 grams)
Camera dimensions5.1 by 3.1 by 3.9 inches5.1 by 3.1 by 3.9 inches
Articulating screenNoYes
Touch screenNoYes
ISO range100 to 6400100 to 12800
Battery capacity500 shots per full charge440 per full charge
External microphone jackNoYes
Estimates startup time0.5 seconds0.7 seconds
Canon Rebel T5i vs. Canon Rebel T5

Canon T5 vs T5i: Shared Features

This review will not be completed by knowing the shared features of the two cameras. So, make sure to go over this part to know

Good Control of Shooting

The T5 is integrated with state of the art optical viewfinder that helps shooter or photographer frame the images.

What is more, still, due to this feature, you have full control of your shooting. The optical viewfinder allows you to take better images under bright light. What is more, this feature can show you the picture just precisely how the lens of your camera seeing; thus, there is no lagging like you usually experience with an electronic viewfinder.

The T5i is also integrated with state of the art viewfinder that helps you frame photos accordingly and at the same time, provide you further control on all-around shooting.


Both the T5 and the T5i armed with similar shutter technology with 1/4000 top speed of a second and slowest of thirty seconds. Also, there is the bulb mode wherein you can let the shutter open. It is perfect for capturing light trails as well as other creative taking photos pursuits.

Both DSLRs are integrated with 18MP sensors that allow these cameras to take superior still images with a dimension of 5184 by 3456 pixels and can be RAW or JPEG format. One megapixel is equivalent to 1 million pixels. Every pixel is a small square of data. So, the more squares present in a photo, the clearer and sharper it will be.

The disparity between JPEG and RAW format is quite simple. The RAW format is unedited raw data, which isn’t ideal for editing or printing as it hasn’t been adequately processed. Just think RAW files as a negative common in film photography. A JPEG file is merely a processed as well as compressed type of a RAW file which can be edited as well as seen with the use of an array of different program or software.

The T5 and T5i are both powered by an evidently similar sensor. So, meaning both can shoot the same resolution JPEG and RAW frames- 5184 by 3456 pixels.

Amazing Portrait

Due to the face detection focus, the T5 camera can provide the most excellent outcomes in portrait photography. What makes a portrait image is relatively much the human faces, and that’s what the face detection emphasizes. So, you are sure that you will acquire the detail on the subject in the portrait image. The T5i also integrated with detection focus and so you’ll get stunning pictures.

High Picture Quality

With Canon EOS Rebel T5 and T5i cameras, you will have RAW support, so meaning you will have a superior and high-quality pictures; uncompressed and untouched. Both also can store photos without the need for squeezing and condensing them.

Amazing HDR Photography

The EOS Rebel T5 from Canon is integrated with automatic exposure bracketing. Thus you can capture stunning pictures. What is more, this state of the art feature helps you to take images conveniently in sophisticated lighting surroundings.

Good Lighting

When it comes to lighting situations or conditions, the T5 and T5i can provide bright pictures in low light settings. The Canon EOS Rebel T5 and T5i are equipped with a flash. Thus you can light up the subject or the scene quickly to get the best results.

Good Flash Photography

With the help of an external flash, you can improve the lighting of your camera. Through mounting an external flash on T5 and T5is external flash shoe, you can get bright photos as well as amazing outcomes in flash photography.

What is more, this is just the only one of the two, which comes with a personal computer sync port and will be giving you improved outcomes in flash photography as opposed to the T5 model.

Extend Display

Only with an HDMI cable, you can project the images stored in the cameras on a TV, laptop, or compatible screen. This makes it simpler for you to expand the camera display. The T5i cameras also integrated with HDMI output. Therefore, like its predecessor, you can expand the screen with this assistance of this cable.


The EOS Rebel T5 and T5i are very affordable in spite of their amazing and state of the art features. You can have these cameras for a reasonable price. However, in spite of its low price, you are assured of its quality and durability. The Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the T5i are extremely the most robust DSLRs available on the market at this point.

Types of Photography Canon T5 and Canon T5i Can Do

There are many types of photography where Canon T5 and T5i can be used. Some of these include:

  • PortraitThe Canon T5 and T5i are good at portrait photography that is why they used in wedding and other types of events.
  • Sports: The T5 and T5i come equipped with a remarkable shutter speed, so it allows you to capture moving subjects with ease.
  • Landscape PhotographyThese cameras also perform well in landscape photography. Do you love hiking, trekking, or any outdoor activities, and then don’t forget to bring any of the two.

Canon T5 vs. T5i Body Comparison

Both the Canon EOS T5 and T5i have pentamirror powered viewfinders. The two cameras also provide 95 percent frame coverage. The T5 model is equipped with fixed3 inches LCD rear screen while the T5i has 1040K-dots LCD, which flips and touch screen.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5i weighs 0.525lbs while the T5 weighs 0.434lbs. As you see, there is a significant difference in the weight of the camera. The T5 camera has a dimension of 5.1 by 3.9 by 3.1, while the T5i measures 5.2 by 3.9 by 3.1.

For a better comparison, you can check the dimensions and weight of each camera below:

T5Width: 5’1Height:3.9.”Depth:3.1”Weight: 0.434lbs
T5iWidth:5”2Height: 3.9”Depth: 3.1”Weight : 0.525lbs

Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs. T5i: Shared Weakness

Like any products out there, the two also come with pros and cons. After knowing similar features, now it time to talk about the shared weakness of the T5 and the T5i. So, here we go!

No Built-in Wifi

Transferring pictures or files from a camera to your laptop through Wi-Fi is the simplest and fastest thing to do. Sad to say, the two cameras don’t equip with Wi-Fi capability. So, it is impossible to make a wireless connection with your laptop or smartphone. The lack of Wi-Fi connection means you’ll miss the convenience and ease of copying or transferring files.

No Near Field Communication

NFC or Near Field Communication is a vital feature which helps a lot in connecting the camera to a well-matched device nearby in just one press of a key. However, the T5 and the T5i camera from Canon don’t equip with this capability. So, you will not experience the convenience of transferring data in just an instant. This is also one of the main drawbacks of buying these cameras.

No Bluetooth

Bluetooth is also an essential mode of transferring files wirelessly. But, sad to say, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the T5i don’t have this feature. So, you cannot move a file from the camera to your smartphone or laptop. So, you will opt for the usual USB cables to transport the data.

No Remote Control

The remote control is a very vital feature. It allows the user to connect a specific device to your DSLR, and with that, you can control the camera regardless of how far you are. Sad to say, you can’t do that with Canon EOS Rebel T5 and T5i.

Top LCD Screen is not available

Both the Canon T5 and T5i cameras are exceptional and offer high quality pictures. However, both don’t have a top LCD screen feature. Thus you can’t see as well as monitor the settings. It only means that it will hard for you to control the settings.


Both the T5 and T5i don’t equip with GPS. This is an essential feature that can be seen on high-end cameras available today. Absence of this feature, you cannot geotag your pictures.

No Image Stabilization

Once the camera shakes while taking pictures, expect of a poor image, and this is what you will experience with these cameras. The T5 and the T5i don’t equip with this feature. Thus your picture may come out looking unprofessional and blurry. Image stabilization helps a lot in erasing as well as minimizing blur effects.

Now Slow Motion Feature

With the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and T5i, you cannot record slow motion video. However, a lot of users commented that this feature is used rarely. Therefore, the Canon T5 and T5i are still the right choices when you talk about quality and reliability.

What Reviewers Says About Canon T5 and Canon T5i Cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review

A lot of users have said positive things about the T5i. According to many users, it’s a superior and good DSLR to take photos with. It does well in a low light setting and flashes photography as well. Many customers have talked highly of this DSLRs performance on burst setting. Also, there have been comments for its capability to provide the best results in audio and video recording. You may also like nikon d5600 vs nikon d7200 comparison here.

Professional and skilled photographers commented that this camera is user-friendly, most fundamentally the touch screen feature. Also, a lot of users have suggested the T5i for those who record videos most often. The articulating screen helps in recording high-quality videos with ease and conveniently. They also love this camera due to the integrated external microphones.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Review

This camera has received lots of positive reviews from previous users. One of the many good reasons why they loved this camera is its capability in providing superior and high-quality pictures. In general, it seems a lot of users were happy and pleased with this camera. What is more, to the fantastic results it provides, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 also comes in a compact and small body. The T5 is a camera that you would not mind bringing with you anywhere you go and anytime you want.

On the other hand, few users seemed to have had problems with the resolution of this T5 camera. It appears that a lot of people is expected better in this facet; however, they didn’t get that. On the other hand, photographers, both novice and skilled, seem to be thrilled and excited about the capacity of the battery of the Canon EOS Rebel 5. This DSLR, in spite of being entry-level comes equipped with long battery life, and according to many users, you can continue shooting using the T5.

With T5 camera, you’ll be getting remarkable HDR pictures, amazing flash photography as well as better control of the round shooting. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i is highly advisable for vacationing as well as any amateur photography. If you are searching for a camera that can be used daily, you have to consider this one.

Why Consider Canon EOS Rebel T5i Over T5?

There are many good reasons why you must consider Canon EOS Rebel T5i over T5 such as:

The T5i, as mentioned above, is integrated with selfie-friendly as well as a flipping LCD screen. So, it means that you can flip the display of this camera with ease each time you take a groupie or selfie.

What is more, the selfie-friendly screen feature is the reason why it is in demand amongst vbloggers out there. As a YouTuber, it is convenient and easy to take videos yourself without the help of your friend. Therefore, having a screen, the can be tilted easily is indeed a huge advantage.

Like we said before, an entry-level camera must be user-friendly. Integrated with the touch screen, T5i is easy to use. With this DSLR, you can easily access the functions as well as the features without the complicated steps. Thus, it saves you time and stress of finding the buttons.

Another good reason why you should consider the Canon EOS Rebel T5i is the choice for amazing audio quality. The quality of audio in T5i can be enhanced through the application of an external mic. If you want to record a sound in a noisy area, all you need to do is to connect an external microphone through the external mic jack of the unit. This will allows you to have a clear as well as superior audio.

Improved flash photography is what many people like about T5i camera compared to the T5 model. Both models are integrated with an external flash hot shoe, and therefore the primary lighting gotten can be improved. On the other hand, the T5i is the only camera that comes with a computer sync port for flash. This allows you to advance further the lighting than what can you get with regular external flashes. What is more, you get good outcomes in flash photography with this model compared to the T5, and this is due to the sync port, respectively.

Another good reason to consider T5i over T5 is the fast burst mode speed. In case you love sports photography, the burst mode of the camera can help you obtain the best shots. What is burst mode, on the other hand, well it allows the camera to take constant shots. And certainly, the faster the burst mode of the camera, the better the shots of the moving subjects you can get.

With state of the art Canon EOS Rebel T5i, you can get five frames for every second in this mode. This is very amazing and impressive for an entry-level DSLR. Therefore, if you are planning to take pictures of your kids playing basketball, or you love outdoor photography and want to take a picture of a flying bird, you can get decent shots with the T5i once you shoot in burst mode.

Why Consider Canon EOS Rebel T5 Over T5i

There are also camera fanatics out there who decided to opt to Canon EOS Rebel T5 than the T5i one. Let’s see some of these reasons.

One good reason why many people choose T5 over T5i is the fact that it is very lightweight. Carrying a camera all day is tiring. If your camera is light, your neck, arm, and hand will feel better most, especially if you are spending long days taking pictures. Weighing only 0.434lbs, the Canon EOS Rebel T5 is extremely light compared to T5i. This isn’t a considerable difference opposed to the T5i; on the other hand, if your arms or hands get worn-out and drained of shooting, it might be helpful.

Another reason why you should choose T5 over T5i is the price. T5 compared to the T5i is less costly, most essentially when you consider that a camera lens is included. If you are lack of budget, but still want the best camera, then you should definitely opt to t5.

Both cameras are able to take pictures at full High Definition. Perhaps Canon systems are better with regards to shooting videos. While the Canon EOS Rebel T5 comes with stereo mic with the choice of using an external stereo mic for improved sound recording, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i has just a mono microphone. This is where the T5 stands out.

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 is the best option for those who want a high-quality camera or DSLR and have a limited budget. The Rebel T5 is indeed reasonable compared to the T5i without compromising the quality. What is more, a camera lens is included in the package — thus saving you a lot of money compared to T5i. If you want to dabble in the shooting are is not ready to commit a significant amount of money to a DSLR, then no doubt T5 is the best option. Due to its lack of state of the art features, this unit is cheap, but the quality is par. The T5 is also lightweight, so there is no stress in your hand, shoulder, and neck even if you take it for an extended period of time.


The Canon EOS Rebel T5 and the Canon Rebel T5i aren’t targeted at the same sector of the consumer or market, on the other hand, the price is relatively different. While T5 is an entry-level DSLR equipped with basic shooting features, the T5i is an improved, tougher, and robust camera with groundbreaking features for taking videos and filming as well.

The Canon T5i comes equipped with a swift frame rate, improved auto-focusing as well as groundbreaking video making features. However, both don’t have weather sealing. As a result, no one is better than the other for action photography.

In case you are new to manual photography, and your budget is limited, then you need to consider the Canon EOS Rebel T5 and save a considerable amount of money to purchase high-quality lenses.

On the other hand, if you are choosy on low light photography and need to take benefit of the improved Auto-Focus system or have a plan of recording videos, then consider the T5i. Just in case you own an APS-C DSLR, you don’t have to upgrade to T5i.

State of the art Canon EOS Rebel T5i, like its predecessor, is an extremely functional DSLR. Anyway, we do believe that this is more functional as well as easy to utilize. The T5i model does amazingly in low light settings, in the constant shooting as well as in recording video and audio. Integrated with touch screen feature, it is easy for you to use it and what is more, it will provide you amazing results with least effort.

We highly recommend these cameras for newbie sports photography, video blogging, as well as other kinds of audio and video recording.

In general, in this comparison, we believe that the T5i is the best one . However, if you run out of budget, but still do not want to compromise about the quality, T5 is the best option. The choice lies in your hand. There are factors that you have to consider when buying a camera. Just make sure that they meet your needs.

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