About Jason Baxter

About Jason Baxter

Co-Founder & Chief Editor

Jason Baxter - Writer
  • Certifications: Bachelor’s degree, Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Education: University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • Lives in: Stillwater, Oklahoma

I am a professional photographer living and working in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I have been doing photography for over 13 years and spend time traveling all around the Pacific Northwest taking pictures of the natural beauty.

My passion is landscape photography, and I have a somewhat obsessive affection for reflections. As a result, I am always in search of still waters with a mirrored surface to point my camera toward.

My other pastime is creating and managing this blog site dedicated to helping people become the photographer they wish to be.

I never aspired to be a photographer as a child. I had no idea this would be my last destination. I became interested in photography after purchasing a digital camera when it initially became available.

Then I became curious about how it all worked, so I started reading the manual and a few articles online. Then people started appreciating my work more, so that made me want to learn even more. Repeat that cycle several more times, and I suddenly find myself selling my work, creating online portfolios, and so on.

Now I’m passing on what I’ve learned by reading and doing. I’ve made many mistakes, which is excellent since I can help you avoid them.

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